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A Rich Heritage of Firsts:


OESD has led the way in the digital home embroidery business for over 30 years. OESD also drives the market in in-store offerings, including the original PC cards, CDs, USBs, and an on-demand embroidery design system. We are an innovator of embroidery techniques and styles, including button-and-loop freestanding lace, in-the-hoop projects, jumbo designs, cutwork, reverse applique, quilting, tufted satins, and many more fun and exciting ways to use an embroidery machine. We were the first to bring you one-stop shopping for embroidery designs and innovative embroidery accessories, both online and in local sewing centers.

Our Quality:

OESD leads the way in quality when it comes to embroidery designs. All designs that earn the right to display the OESD name have passed our very rigid development process. Our artwork comes from two sources – in-house artists and hand-picked licensed artists. Our talented in-house artists not only draw inspiring, modern art but work directly with our digitizers and sewers to ensure that each design is suitable for embroidery. We also hand-pick licensed artists to bring you trendy and exciting premium machine embroidery designs. 

At OESD, we don't outsource the digitizing of our embroidery designs. Our designs are digitized in-house and tested several times before released to the market. OESD designs are carefully verified to make sure your sewing process is fun and effortless. For example, we include a description of each color change of our embroidery design so you can change colors without guesswork.

An OESD design collection averages over 120 hours of development, which includes a built-in quality assurance process monitoring each step of the way. This painstaking process is how we have earned the reputation of high quality, beautiful, functional designs with exquisite detail.

Our Staff:

People are another reason that buying OESD designs gives the best results. The average staff member has worked at OESD 10+ years, with several of our staff having served over 15 years. At OESD, we are focused on how the end-user will be using our designs and products. Even from the early concept stages, all artwork is looked at from the end-user view--how it will sew, and how it will be used in many different projects.

With hundreds of years of combined embroidery experience, our staff believes in the creative process. We are committed every day to find new and innovative ways to help you express yourself, create memorable gifts, and have fun in the process.

Our Support:

If you have questions on any OESD branded design, you can get personal service to help answer your questions. For those who need instant answers, visit our FAQ pages for answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you don't find your answers online, support is only an email away.

We have built a wealth of knowledge and insight into embroidery, and love sharing it with you. You'll find project ideas, tutorials, and tips on our website. You can also grab a free subscription to our email newsletter to get even more tips, projects, and clubs that make using OESD designs even more enjoyable.

Our Goal:

Our goal is to have the highest quality, widest variety, most modern, trendy and useful designs, collections, and products that give you the tools to craft your passion.